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Cabsi La'aan was designed and developed by Digital Shelter and Data4Change.

In December 2020, Digital Shelter carried out a crowdsourcing survey asking Somali women to share their experiences of online shame, harassment and abuse.

82 women responded with stories ranging from having accounts hacked, to receiving indecent images from men and even blackmail.

In order to raise awareness about the issue, while protecting the privacy of the women, Digital Shelter commissioned Zahra Abdihagi Mahamed, to write a poem inspired by the women’s stories.

Digital Shelter is a local initiative advocating for greater digital safety, rights and inclusion in Somalia.

Digital Shelter is among 13 civil society organisations who were successful in applying for the African Digital Rights Fund run by CIPESA (Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa). The African Digital Rights Fund included the opportunity to receive data skills training and work on data-driven projects with Data4Change.

Data4Change is a UK-based non-profit who create data-driven projects aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing social and political challenges.


Here is the team behind Cabsi La'aan. We worked on this project together from five different countries, entirely remotely!

  • Abdifatah Hassan Ali

    Abdifatah Hassan Ali

    Co-Founder of Digital Shelter, Somalia

  • Abdifatah Ali Mohamud

    Abdifatah Ali Mohamud

    Director of ICT Programs at Digital Shelter, Somalia

  • Ayan Khalif Abdi

    Ayan Khalif Abdi

    Co-Founder of Digital Shelter, Somalia

  • Joachim Mangilima

    Joachim Mangilima

    Data analyst, Tanzania

  • Reem El Sayed Samy

    Reem El Sayed Samy

    Designer, Egypt

  • Loren Riesenfeld

    Loren Riesenfeld

    Developer, United States

  • Elric Wamugu

    Elric Wamugu

    Development support, Kenya

  • Emma Laura Namwanje Kisa

    Emma Laura Namwanje Kisa

    Data Journalist, Kenya

  • Henar Khater

    Henar Khater

    Data Viz Designer, Egypt

  • Zahra Abdihagi Mahamed

    Zahra Abdihagi Mahamed

    Poet and Storyteller, Somalia